First of all I want so say that I really like this is forum and hope that you can help.
I want to install php on my computer, but for some reason can't. I read that the easiest way to install it all in one go is with wamp, xampp ets. So I installed XAMPP 1.7.7. and it seems to work correctly, however I wanted to install a simple machines forum and when I try opening the install.php I get the message "Sorry, this installer requires PHP!". So I tried manually installing php and I think I did but I still get the message. I have a million tabs open on installing php and I am now really confused. Is it because I am running Win7 64-bit or do you think there's a problem with simple machines? HELP PLEASE =(

Where did you place the install.php file? Is it in C:\xampp\htdocs\ (assuming you installed in c drive)?

also are you viewing it at this address:



This is embarrassing, I forgot to put it there. xD Thank you very much =)

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