some part of the website look ok but some not and none of the links works.
can you please help me? overHead(); echo $html->pageTop(); include('loginmenu.php'); include(inc_dir . "/left.php"); echo $html->pageMiddle($config["page_name"]); $toplamkullanicilar = $adetler["JAS_FD"]+$adetler["JAS_FS"]+$adetler["JAS_TP"]+$adetler["JAS_TH"]+$adetler["JAS_OH"]+$adetler["JAS_BG"]+$adetler["JAS_OK"]+$adetler["JAS_OL"]; $ortadakipara = getMoney("JAS_FD")+getMoney("JAS_FS")+getMoney("JAS_TP")+getMoney("JAS_TH")+getMoney("JAS_OH")+getMoney("JAS_BG")+getMoney("JAS_OK")+getMoney("JAS_OL"); ?>...........

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i think you are missing '," or ; where you are using echo statement before these line.
Its just guess but not confirm,if you put code of page here then may i can help you.

code works perfecly fine on my other site with shared hosting but when i put it on my deticated linux -apache server then the problem accurs

Obviously your PHP code gets displayed instead of processed. Looking at the page source the code is between PHP short tags <? and ?>, which are maybe not allowed on this server. Try to use proper tags: <?php and ?>. Or check if all PHP block tags are in pairs.

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