On a rollover I am looking to change an image AND have a sound play. I was hoping to do this with javascript. The image is done but the sound - I have been looking into it (sound with javascript) and it seems like this is a thing of the past - and is difficult to do cross browser etc. Anyone have any info on whether this is possible, or how difficult it would be? I was hoping to do this without flash, but will use it if no other options present themselves.

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Thanks for the link, it describes how to do it for IE and netscape, but doesnt work in firefox, which is my target browser...

Is there a way to do it which is browser independent and does not open another window? I just want a momentary sound like the windows navigation sounds.

This is a bit roundabout way but should get the job done in a cross browser compatible manner.


check this out - free, open source, cross browser: http://code.google.com/p/swfsound

it can preload mp3 and you can trigger it from javascript. play/loop/stop works of course. also panning and setting volume.

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