i looking for a WYSIWYG HTML that work in the browser.
I have found this
that work like i need but i looking for a alternative that cost less or opensource
any one know something like this?
thanks for your help

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My favourite at the mo is CKEditor.


However, Spaw2 comes with a built-in file manager - something that you usually have to pay for with other editors (or use fiddly open source plugins). It hasn't been updated in about 3 years, so either they think it's perfect or they've stopped active development.
Another cool aspect to Spaw2 is that it has the ability to have a number of tabbed pages - useful for multiple language blogs.


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I'm going to second TinyMCE. There is also a jQuery plugin for it as well.

Interesting article

The comparison is very very short, but I like the trends graph. You should choose the one that fits the job best. I strongly recommend trying them yourself and make up your own mind.

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