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Pretty sure he was asking if he could do the same thing using jQuery, not if it was jQuery. So the answer would be yes.


Hello ALL..Emmmmm..:-/
Is it possible to make the awesome homepage slider/the hover things of Adidas.com using Jquery or maybe Ajax?

Yea i think its possible..
for instance, i m sure i can do all(well few of them :D) the effects individually and I am damn sure that i'll screw up everything when i try n combine those effects... :)
But someone more experienced could do it for sure


If you mean this page, then the answer must be YES, because all the effects are already achieved with jQuery.

If you mean this page, then mmmm, PROBABLY but there would be a lot of work in it. It's very imaginative. Maybe the flash author devised a generalised algorithm but I expect it's a hard-coded schema; ie. for each panel, he drives all the panels to pre-determined sizes/positions. That's the way I would approach it in jQuery (or Flash) and about 3 months later I might expect to have it working.

At Western commercial rates, it's a $25,000 project, maybe one third of that in Rupees. If you could create a generalised solution in the form of a jQuery plugin, then it would earn you money.


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