hey guys, does anybody has the sample of, how to insert smiley/icon in the message board (php or javascript)

i have the simple one:

//character typed
	$typed_chars = array('X(', '8)', 'oO');
	$icon_set = array("<img src=\"../smiley/smiley 1/fire24.png\">", "<img src=\"../smiley/smiley 1/icon_cool24.png\">", "<img src=\"../smiley/smiley 1/startle24.png\">");
	$message = str_replace($typed_chars, $icon_set, $message);

I want to make it easier to user, they just click on the smiley and it will show in textarea. Like http://www.daniweb.com message area with the smiley drop-down


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You'll need a wysiwyg editor for that

how? can you share the link of tutorial?

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Did you google wysiwyg editor? Take you pick from hundreds. Currents leaders are TinyMCE, CKeditor


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