Hi, I have some jQuery code which checks whether capslock is on, but it works only with .keypress(). I want to alert when document is ready, not when im filling input. Is it possible to check status of capslock and alert the user without filling the input?

You may need to ask yourself: "why would I want to (warn or) alert my client that his 'caps lock is on' as soon as he opens the page -even if he might have no intention of filling anything at all there?"


the plain answer is NO.

it's a login page, only with login form, that's why i would alert my client that casplock is on. Thanks for answer!

of course it is
but you don't want a page yelling at you: "- your caps lock is on !" as soon as it opens, -who cares?! Perhaps you came there by accident or got redirected.

-Not even a standalone application will warn you for "all-caps lock" unless you are feeding its encrypted password field. It's simply annoying!
(and what about users who's pass is deliberately in all caps?)

Don't annoy your clients, the password field should, at least be selected, or focused on, before the warning is shown.
Anyway future browsers are planning to have that feature on inputs of type password by default and IE10 supports it already ... no additional coding needed.

I guess you are right, actually i also think it's annoying to alert the client as soon as the page opens however i did not think about alert literally but about some little messagebox showing up slowly somewhere above the form :)

Anyway thank you for exhaustive answer.

P.S. Nice to know that future browsers are plannig such a features.

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