Hey everyone,

I just have a question about limiting characters on a web page..I have a blog that I've made on my local server..for test purposes and I was wondering if there is a way to have the same thing display on another part of a page like a blog feed or something. To display like 25-30 characters and then updating every three blog posts when the admin posts a blog..Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Try this... but not sure if this could help you as this trims the text

substr($field1a, 0, 45); /* 45 is the characters count you want to show... */
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echo substr($string, 0, 45) . '...'; //OK for most uses

//use these (multibyte string functions) if using extended characters - it's safer
echo mb_strimwidth($string, 0, 48,'...', 'UTF-8');

echo mb_substr($string, 0, 45, 'UTF-8') . "...";

@ardav and shahbaz13, sorry but could you explain what those lines of code mean? I'm not familiar with that

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Look up the php.net manual. It's useful.

substr trims the pice of text line you use

Re: Question about limiting charachters and updating certain things in php

by using

substr("Re: Question about limiting charachters and updating certain things in php", 20);

it outputs...

Re: Question about l

it shows only the first 20 chars...
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