hello everyone,

i have a problem where i cannot run a php application in the IE. when i run, all the interface not displayed and function.

is it true, i need to change the setting at internet option or else...

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Can you explain better what you mean by "Cannot run in IE" ? It makes no sense, PHP runs on the server, and only the output is displayed in the browser.


If you are trying to run a php script locally on your pc, in Internet ecplorer, you can't.
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (php) commands are processed on the server and output as html to the browser

You can install a local php server, WAMP LAMP DevPHP et al, on your pc and use that to develop PHP, or upload the files to a web server for testing

It is NOT true that you need to change the setting at internet option or else


JS and CSS can mess up your display in IE (or I should say, IE can mess up your JS and CSS :) )

PHP will not be messed up. However, ajax calls to PHP (javascript) may be messed up and make it appear that PHP is not working.

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