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Hi to everyone,
I want to add a new page in the site,
It is the site of GREATWAY MAGAZINE. you can see the thumbnail titled epaper on the right side of the magazine.

My problem is that I want to make its epaper site. My requirements are:-
1) When user click on Epaper, there appears the page of EPAPER page of

2) I want the same header and same header and same footer as it is in homepage.... In between I will install epaper plugin...........
for example this page may help u to understand my problem.....

Waiting for ur positive reply,
thank you...

Three options would be to:

1. Create a shortcode, which you could enter into the content field of a normal WordPress page, and that could take the ebook for display on that page as an argument, and then render the flash markup.

2. Create a custom WordPress page template and hardcode the flash markup for the ebook.

3. Create a custom post type, specifically for ebooks.

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