I have a loop that writes out data for franchises. It works the first time through, but not the 2nd. Here is the page where the data is written out:

Here is the code that spits out the wrong data after the first successful loop. Any ideas?

$areaCodeData = getData($sSql, $con, $dbName);
       $areaCodeRowCount = mySQL_num_rows($areaCodeData);
       $areaCodeRowCur = mysql_fetch_assoc($areaCodeData);
       if ($areaCodeRowCount != 0) {
          echo "<div class='box left'>";
          // list all Area Codes for this Franchise
          echo "<div class='details'>";
          $areaCodes = "";
          for ( $ctrAreaCode = 0; $ctrAreaCode <= $areaCodeRowCount - 1; $ctrAreaCode += 1) {
             // grab AreaCodes
             $areaCodes = "<b>".$areaCodes.$areaCodeRowCur['AreaCode']."</b>, ";      
             // fetch next AreaCode row
             $areaCodeRowCur = mysql_fetch_assoc($areaCodeData);
          } // end ctrAreaCode for loop
          $areaCodes = substr($areaCodes, 0, strlen($areaCodes)-2)."<br />";
          echo "<em>-- Area Codes Supported:</em><br/>";
          echo $areaCodes;
          echo "</div>";
          echo "</div><br />";
       } //end Area Code loop
       // reset AreaCode loop pointers (is this a PHP bug?)

At this point I'm desperate and I have to get this working ASAP.

Thanks in advance for the help...

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Can you please explain what is wrong with your output (or what you want changed).

Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Holland area codes are
616, 269, 616
and their area codes are 49xxx

Are you sure your query is correct ?

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