I have a project im working on that includes an activity stream.

I'm working in php and MongoDb (noSql).

The site can post articles, users can promote articles or add them to favorites.

How may i include these in an activity stream similar to facebook or twitter?


Josh, john, and jane just "promoted" this article.


how should i create my database to be able to do this easily?

Josh, john, and jane and my friends and i would see this in my profile on my activity stream.

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do you have any code so far?

No, I'm mostly looking for database design, Code wouldn't be that hard.

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Never used mongoDB but if it's a table structure you want. Probably something like this:

vote_id (autoincrement, optional)
item_id (= item being promoted)
taste (1 = like, 0 = dislike)

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