Hi. I am developing a website in visual studio 2010 ultimate edition. I selected dot net framework 3.5 when I started this new website. Now I want to change this existing website into framework 4. I can not find "project" menu or "project designer" or "applications" tab in properties. Please help me find those things to change to framework 4. Suggest me if there is any other way.

right click on the web application project and select properties

now you will see the project properties windows

on the left hand side panel, select application and set the target framework.

hope this helps

That's what my problem is. I can not see any "application" tab in the "properties". there are "common properties" and "configuration properties" only. Under "common properties", there are 4- "startup project", "Project dependencies", "debug source files", and "code analysis settings". Under "configuration properties" there is "configuration" only. Where is application or target framework list?

if you use new website,so to change it to 4.0,right click in your project name (not the solution)then choose property pages and in Build tab you can change the target framework to 4.0.
hopes that help.

Thanks cocoll. Now it is solved.

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thank you.