[TEX]I have a problem in my website.I have a online shopping website.I want some changes in my site.suppose when a non registered user buy a product on my site and go to the paypal for payment.wich funtionality i used between my website and paypal.please tell me how can i send user and products information by my website send on paypal.[/TEX]

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You may want to try that again in text.

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i just want to go on paypal page with a non registered user.but i have a problem.i dont know how can i send users information on paypal page.and i dont know how can i verify users info after payment.becouse user is not registered.please give me some suggetion and code wich i use in my program.please help me.

how can i redirect a user information through buynow button on paypal in my website.give me some example and code in php

If you provide us with your code and tell us what isn't working we may be able to help. Have you even looked at the Paypal documentation showing you how to do it?

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