Not sure if this can be done in php or whether I should look at other alternatives.

I'm trying to access 4 different sources of data to put on one page - Amazon API, Ebay, our sales data on one server and our inventory data on another server. (Historical reason s for 2 servers)

The idea is to scan the UPC into a search box and bring up a page of data with

1. Amazon title, lowest price, image, number of offers and manufacturer.

2. Ebay image for the same UPC

3. Our average sales for this UPC by month over the last three months

4. Our current stock of the UPC which could be in multiple SKU's

As we discuss it, it gets more complicated and we're thinking of bringing in the separate pieces of data from the four sources into a fifth db and interogate that.

Others have suggested Ajax or Java but are uncertain if this could be done.

Any pointers as to where to start would be appreciated.

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Do you already have a solution for 1 and 2, or is this what you are looking for ? Apart from that I strongly recommend building the fifth database, to avoid your result pages getting slow. For getting the lowest price on Amazon you could run a nightly script.

I have no solutions at all at the moment but I needed a pointer at to the fifth db. Thanks.

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