Error in cold fusion 5. Failed to send the spooled mail file, E:\CFusion\Mail\spool\BD81.cfmail. SMTP server replied "5.7.1 Unable to relay for aaaa@bbbb.com" Moved file to E:\CFusion\Mail\undelivr\BD84.cfmail.
Can someone help me.

You need to authenticate against your smtp server or whitelist the cold fusion's server ip address in your mail server to allow relay. Check your settings for example in my code I have

<cfmail to="example@vortexamerica.com" from="example@vortexamerica.com" subject="Someone Signed Up" server="#websitezip.mailserver#">


websitezip.mailserver# in application.cfm =  "mail.mailserver.com:25";  // username:PW@mail.mailserver.com

Thank alot for your help. I already talk to my exchange administrator to put this apps server ip into relay setting.

Ok if you don't want to whitelist the ip this string will authenticate to exchange

application.mailserver = DomainName.Local/DomainUserName:DomainPW@mail.exchangeserver.com:25