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I am a beginner developer working on my first project at my first job. I am developing a reporting system which includes searching report and filtering them depending on some criterias. I currently have 8 categories returned by a Stored Procedure develped by database admin at my work. My job is to create few boxes with the Titles where are those 8 categories. Number of categories can be varied so I have to create those dynamitically. Inside each box, there will be a checkboxlist which will dynamically be created data provided by SP. For example, please see the attachment. It's similar to those searching product on shopping cart. First someone suggested me to use repeater control. I could create boxes with the titles but had problems creating checkboxlists inside. Repeater control will accept just one datasource. I have to link with more than one datasource obviously i need to populate the box titles and populate checkboxlists those data is returned by more than more stored procedure. Some also say repeater control good just to display data but not to do alot with it. Coz my next big step will also be to catch SelectIndexchange events for those checkboxlists and re-fill all those depending on user selection. Can someone point me out the overall concept of how this can be achievable and what components/controls that i need to use. Here, we use Visual Studio 2010 with VB.net. Databases are in SQL server 2008. Using Linq is alright. Data will be returned by a number of stored procedures which I have little control. Currently, i have to boxes as series of hardcoded DIVS which also linked with some JQuery to create those polet drag and drop style boxes.

Thanks so much. Hope to get a reply soon. Any suggestion welcome. Even partial solution will be very welcome.


Thanks sufyan,

I don't know how many checkboxlist I need to have coz the number of categories will be varied by the user selection. Can I still do that using Accordion?

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Thanks sufyan, I will try to do it and let u know if i stuck. :D


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