I am using Visual Studio 2010 for ASP.Net web development. I am newbie in web development and using VS. I am making a website which requires storing user information in database. Here are the steps I followed for connecting

1. Open Server Explorer
2. Add new connection (I am using Microsoft SQL Server connection)
3. Select a server from the drop down list of servers
4. Windows authentication.
5. Select database from the drop down list.
6. I am getting Test connection succeeded message.
7. After the connection, Add new table to the database.
8. Add data to the table
9. Saving everything.

But after I shut down the PC and start it again, the table I created earlier is not there. I have to create a new table and add data everytime I restart PC. Where am I going wrong?

its not the properties of the database in your vs2010 is it? whereas it is set to copy if newer ,
your database you are connecting to is probably in vs2010\projects\????? your connection property is probably set to not copy and therefore remains untouched when you reload..
set it to copy if newer and see if that helps??