Hi all,
I have been working on a PHP based application where a user would be allowed to print out specific, yet dynamic information.

I am using a different style sheet for the print page, but I am having a slight issue.

At times some of my stuff is chopped off between pages.

Is there some function, method, or just concept that you all use to smooth all of this out?

Basically, I want to force the point that if there is a word that will be cut off, let's move the line to the next page....

Any thoughts?

you must convert your data to pdf format before you print...

That's great information.
Unfortunately, converting to PDF first is not a viable way to go with this one. We use a PHP pdf generation system, but, as that is just as dynamic as the pages that our users are printing anyway, the issue has to be figured out before it is sent to the printer, or before it is sent to pdf.

The problem with the pdf stuff is that it also needs to be formatted a certain way with pdf.

I understand printing it in my browser as a pdf first would be helpful if I wanted to make pagebreaks in a certain place for a static site, but to do so on a dynamic site would be a bit, weird.

I wonder if seeting the width to 7 inches and the height to 7 inches would force information to jump to the next page?