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There are some good articles on msdn on url rewriting.. I recenlty worked on a project wherein i implemented url rewriting with http modules. Rules are defined in an xml file. and each incoming request is first intercepted by the httpmodule. internally httpmodule converts 'http://domain.com/products/mouse' to 'http://domain.come/productList.aspx?categoryname=mouse' and 'http://domain.com/product/eyeball-mouse' to 'http://domain.com/product-details.aspx?productname=eyeball-mouse' and hands over the execution to asp.net engine. You can try something similar...


Hey dude.,

You first Know one thing All thing have one finite limit in system that same way URL also have that you only able to create at max (i am not clear about this may 128 or 256 character) only so making infinite URL is not possible.

You can try URL Rewriting Refer URL rewriting in msdn

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