hi frnds, i have issue with my simple script
i have audios.php file white fetch all mp3 audio files on the audios.php file
i want if someone click on the executed mp3s which makes this type of hyper link
http://xyz.com/uploads/123.mp3 its prompt for download and save file option i dont want that
if someone click to audio file it should play with html5 <audio> tag on another page for example play_audio.php i don't know how to link these both pages with each other and how i make difference b/w these two files, i want if someone click any audio file ti should play on another page which i mentioned above.
here is my audios.php page coding

include ("header.html");
include ("config.php");
<div style="background-color:red; color:white; text-decoration:none;">
    $records = mysql_query ("SELECT * from songs");
    while ($rows = mysql_fetch_array($records))
        echo "<a href='".$rows['song_url']."'>".$rows['song_title']."</a><br>";
include ("footer.html");

You might creat a link like

echo "<a href='http://www.yoursite.com/playsong.php?songid=".$rows['song_id']."'>" .$rows['song_name'].'</a>';

then in playsong.php
query your db again for the url

if (isset($_GET['songid'] )
     $query="SELECT song_url FROM songs WHERE song_id=$songid";

I sugest you youse the PRIMERY_KEY of your table
and do an other query in audio_play.php

if you gona use the mp3-url atleast take look at urlencode

You have to edit audio_play.php
the url of the mp3 will be in $_GET

<audio ><source src="<?php echo $mp3; ?>" type="audio/mp3" /></audio>"
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