I have a corn.php file that runs automatically every day and one of the functions is to send an e-mail to certain users.
The problem is that the e-mails are being sent twice. I can't find anything wrong with the cron file, but checking the access_log.processed file of the server I found two entries with the cron file runnig at practically the same time:
1)..."HEAD /x/cron.php..."
2)..."GET /x/cron.php..."

I don't know much about apache but I think the problem might be that the HEAD method is also sending e-mails when it runs the file, so my questin is: ┬┐Can the HEAD method run the php file to send emails?

Thank you

Where do you get the e-mails from? Mysql?

If yes, then i would suggest:
add a "lastsent" field, and each time you send a e-mail, update that field with a time().

So before you sent emails build a if($lastsent > something) {
} else {

I don't know if I got you right, but i hope you got me!

Thanks for the suggestion, it looks like the problem is solved.
But instead of using if() to select the ones I wanted to send, I used WHERE TIME() > X in the query.

I was trying to understand if the HEAD method was sending the emails and didn't tried to solved it in the cron.php file.

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