Hi all .
I'm living in India. I hosted my web site in awardspace free hosting plan.
can i register my domain name. assign it to my web site ?

I like to register my domain name at www.bigrock.in . is it possible to with free hosting plan like awardspace.

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if you have credit cart,
register a user in www.name.com
and search your domain and add to cart then check out
your domain is registerd,
go to ns records and put awardspase ns names (example: ns1.awardspace.com , ns2.awardspace.com) some thing like this.

then go to your awardsoace panel and add/park your domain name with out (www)
your domain is parked.
after some minute`s or hours your site access able golbaly.



If you are in India, then I would suggest you to host your web site with HioxIndia web hosting company.


Yes, there are normally two ways to do this. If your host offers the feature, as another suggested, you can add the domain name/"park" it through the admin control of your server host's site. Then they will tell you the server names to use which you will have to enter in the admin section of the site where you purchased the domain name so that all requests sent by browser for your domain name will be sent to the nameservers that will point to where your site's files actually are kept.

Another option, although generally not as good, is that in the admin section of the site where you purchased the domain name you can use URL forwarding and enter the URL where your files are and the browser is basically forwarded to where your files are.

But this leads to the option of URL Masking. If you have masking turned on then your domain name will stay in the location bar of the browser (like: http://www.bigrock.in) even when they click on different pages within your site it will still show that instead of http://www.bigrock.in/page_being_shown.html. In my opinion masking just looks "unofficial" so I would suggest going with amir84's suggestion of declaring your server host's NS records.


i think you should go with godaddy because its the best in domain worldwide


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