I'll try to keep this short, and to the point.
I've set up a Windows Home Server 2011, running MS SQL Server 2008R2 Express. I enabled TCP/IP protocol on 1433 static, and named pipes (no changes to named pipes). Remote connections work no problem via remote SQL Server Management Studio. However, when I try to remote connect via my ASP connect string, it fails. I can access the database with the local site address via the page I'm hosting on the server, but once I try to use the same site on my hosted accounts elsewhere, it fails.
Any ideas? Am I missing a toggle somewhere?

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where is "elsewhere"? Is there a firewall inbetween your hosted account and the db?


My WHS is at one location, while shared hosting is another. There is a firewall on my side, but its open on 1433. I can access the WHS from remote with Management Studio via interweb, but can't get my ASP connection script to connect.

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