I need to get two get functions from url, but I cant get the second one, how can I do it ?

Something like this:

<h4><a href='?p=edit-page.php?page=$id'>$title</a></h4>

The p will include the edit-page.php in my container which is just list of page titles and when I click on one of those titles the ?page should load the form and let me edit the page. Only problem is, I dont know how to get the ?page when I already declared one get action before that.

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$p = $_GET['p'];
$page = $_GET['page'];

BUT you probably need this:

<h4><a href='?p=edit-page.php[B]&[/B]page=$id'>$title</a></h4>

However, not sure what you're trying to do here.

commented: It solved my problem, thanks alot ! +1

It was the second line, thanks alot !!