I have stuck on text animation for web design..
I want the text on the main page (enter site) can animate when I hover to the text, the animation is like the entersite text slide to the right, and then dissapear, and then appear from left side, back to the same place.

Please for your advice.. Thanks very much

put this before the </head>

jQuery("#entersite a").hover(function(){

		jQuery("#entersite a").css("position","relative");
			jQuery("#entersite a").css("left","-100px").fadeIn().animate({left:"0px"});

thanks, I will try to use it.. I will let you know if I already use it :).. thanks very much vaultdweller123

no problem, btw i already tested it, you can test it by running the code on firebug's javascript console

It works well! Thanks very much.. But, can you make the word slide seperated? X_x.. Sorry if I disturbing you.. X_x.. Thanks before :)