Hey guys, am a newbie and I searched I didn't see this question somewhere. If it exist, forgive me.

I need help in redirecting url. I want to redirect users from www.ammotorllc.com to www.ammotorsllc.com. I want it that when people type the first, it will automatically switch them to the second site. I don't know where to start with this so any detail help will be appreciated.

Thanks, kinda urgent

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You can simply modify your .htaccess file if you are using an Apache server. If your host provides you with cpanel they provide an easy tool to do url redirects. If not, here is a good link that shows you how to do it on your own


Hey thanks for the response. I have a question...do I have to own both domain names to be able to setup the redirect? Because right now, I only own www.ammotorsllc.com


if your last domain name is expire you cant do any thing,
but you have old domain and you want redirect it new url,
creat new text file and copy this code and save it index.php then upload it to old domain host public_html or domain root folder

   header( 'Location: http://www.ammotorsllc.com/' ) ;

Well technically you do not need to own the second domain name, the one being directed to. But you would need to at least have access to the first server to upload a file that can redirect to the second URL. So you'd definitely have to own/have access to the first one.


@ginG3R, you must own and manage www.ammotorllc.com, to be able to redirect it to your new domain name. There are a variety of ways to redirect, .htaccess, URL rewrite, meta tags, etc...

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