For the past few days I have been trying to get a Drupal 7.12 install to function on my CentOS 6 x64 VPS which is using the latest version of Webmin however no matter where I upload the files, I keep getting a server 500 error when trying to launch the Drupal install.

I've checked the Apache logs and this is the error that keeps appearing whenever I try to load the install:

Cannot redeclare render() [path to the server dirctiory] in [line number] common.inc

I pulled up the Common.inc in my editor and the function looked valid and fine so I'm not exactly sure what is going wrong.

I've tried searching however many of the posts were saying to update PEAR (which I currently have the latest version of).

Anyway assistance is greatly appreciated.

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     //put your render function
     function render(){

Try above. Anyway, what is the PHP version ? And check the system requirements for Drupal 7.12 to ensure it is compatible with your PHP version.

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