I am building a basic PHP real estate website and am trying to link to County Tax Information and County Property information. The county uses the TMK #: 2540020130023 (Tax Map Key) id number to give out this information. In my Database the TMK is called “propertyref”.

When I “View Source” on the websites that offer this information I see this code were the links are. Their code has input the TMK but I cannot see how after it has been processed.

The “County Parcel Info” link is the actual TMK and the “Property Tax Info” link is the TMK minus the first letter (always a 2).

The software I am using does not do this but I have purchased a license for it and am allowed to modify the code on the page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to know how they did this.


<FORM target="_blank" NAME=tmk ACTION="http://kivanet10g.co.maui.hi.us/kivanet/2/land/lookup/index.cfm?fa=aclladdr&jur=MAUI" METHOD=POST ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"><INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=apn VALUE=[B]2540020130023[/B]><a href="#" onclick="document.tmk.submit()"><strong>County Parcel Info</strong></a></FORM>


<a href="http://qpublic7.qpublic.net/hi_maui_display.php?KEY=[B]540020130023[/B]" target=new><b>Property Tax Info</b></a>

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The software I am using does not do this but I have purchased a license for it and am allowed to modify the code on the page.

So you want code to cheat the s/w?

So you want code to cheat the s/w?


I am not trying to cheat the software. The License I purchased says that I can make my own page template and modify the code as needed. I cannot resell the software or claim it as my own or remove the copyright info in the code.

I am simply trying to add more links like I am allowed to do for items like maps, mortgage calculators, other pages and such. I have also checked with the county and it ok to link to their information.

I have also emailed the software owner for information on doing the above.

I searched Google and found this website as it was ranked high and thought it would be a good resource. From what I read in these posts people are very helpful and willing to offer suggestions. This is a good way for me to learn more about PHP.

I you have any suggestions or a solution it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Fine, but I'm not sure what exactly you need. You have certain data - in a DB.

So you can extract the data from the DB.
Which you can use to attach the data to a form or a link.


$q = "SELECT propertyref FROM table WHERE area='Maui'";

If you want something a little more specific, show us your DB tables and structure.
So for links, it's easy enough to attach a querystring with a tmk:

<a href="mypage.php?tmx=<?php echo $row['tmk'];?>">Go to Mypage</a>
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