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I am using Tomcat 6.0 Application server and Apache HTTP webserver 2.2 and Eclipse Galileo as my IDE. I developed an web application which is some site where users can login and browse around it. My problem is Only one user can access the application.

That is when an user is logged in he can use it well, If another user attempt to login at the same time the application changes to the data of the recent user logged in. How do i configure my Tomcat or Apache to use the application independently for large number(atmost 4 to 7) of users. I dunno i made myself clear or not..

But to be more clear, To post anything in daniweb.com we login by username and password.. At the same time some other person might have logged in. How to do this.?? This is my problem.

Thanks in Advance

Sathyan S

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don't use instance variables in your servlets.

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don't use instance variables in your servlets.

don't use instance variables in your servlets.

Actually I am using JSF framework and while logging in i store the username in a static variable and i access these static variables from everypage and use it there..

I am new to JSF and i cant understand how you figured out by not using Instance variables.

Thanx for the Reply.

Sathyan S

Because servlets/jsp/whatever are threaded and use the same instantiated class in all threads so static and instance items are shared.

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