having problems with a header redirect
i am trying to redirect to
the problem is header info is being added before my link, so it is resolving as

my code is:
$adredirect = $_SESSION;
header( "LOCATION:, $adredirect" );

the value stored in $adredirect is www.mysite.com/somepage

do you think forcing a ob flush thing would work before the session start?
anyways my kids are starving for dinner so i can't spend the two hours it seems to always take me to figure this stuff out.
Thanks in advance for any help.

try adding http:// before $adredirect

try adding http:// before $adredirect

I will try that as soon as i get the kids to bed, and let you know how it goes

header( "LOCATION:, $adredirect" );

What's that comma doing after the Location: header?

try adding http:// before $adredirect

Well got the kids to bed and, jstfsklh211 YOU ARE THE MAN!!! the http:// thing worked great.

hag++ the comma was just a typo, but thanks.