Hi, this is my website www.byouinternational.com
That website is a website that I make with full ajax programming.. I feel my website is quite long time loading the ajax content.. What do you think? Is it slow? Specially for the first page when you click the enter site.. Is quite long time loading.

I use background which is full screen background that strecth to the browser size. And then I call all css at the index page (enter site page). Because if not load all css at the first time, when ajax call, is looking a bit broken css like css is not finish loaded.

Please your advice for make my website faster load the content :(..
Thanks very much

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I have no problems viewing your page, but I seem to be unable to click the Enter Site button: it moves away when I try to click it :P. Also after I have entered, the background does not fill up the entire screen as it does on the intro page.


It's not slow to loading the content? It is okay?
Really? The background it's not full screen the entire page? Or maybe in the top and bottom there' is a header and footer that fixed at top and bottom..

Hmm, do you have any advice to make full screen the background into entire screen? Thanks :)


Its not loading slowly at all. And yea, I see now, it's the white banner at the top I was talking about. I thought it was just plain white space. No problems there, then, only that the quality of your background image is a bit low hehe ;). Oh yeah, and the "Enter site" button remains unclickable - the text slides to the right before I can click it.


Hahaha lol.. Yeah, that is the effect.. If that is really weird, I will change it.. Thanks for your review.. :)
Maybe I will wait for another review before I mark as solved for my question.. Thank u very much for your review :)

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