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From what I understood you since you don’t have access to the script, you could do it in client side, for example with jQuery (just google “jquery modify links” ).


where you are listing hyperlinks, you can try this

www.daniweb.com/<?php echo $user_name;?>

this will take you to user profile page for each user


So do I understand you when you say that you wish to modify the output of a third party site to which you have no access/no permission to modify?


Wow, thanks for people replying back, wasent expect so many would reply back xD

To baig772

I said aldready that i cant just add {user} to the hyperlink (sorry my bad for explain it so bad ;) ) like this : www.daniweb.com/<?php echo $user_name;?>

To jkon

Thanks!, i have search for it but have some problem to understand jquery modify links, could maybe help me?

To ardav

Yeah i have no permission to edit the script, html or anything.
I have aldready talk with owner and he said, we cant help u with this, but you can try to make a external script this will may work.

To vaultdweller123

Thanks if you could! and i cant edit the html look at the picture below and you will see.


I will try to show it better with a picture

THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE, dont say just add /myname and so your done... or try this script, this will work better. I need to use this script i use now.


The frame is the script, i can edit the url on the frame from a control panel. but cant add www.google.com/{user} it must be a vaild URL


And sorry for my really bad english, hope u understand


Sorry, that seems beyond my comprehension. Good luck.


At least you are polite Trizocy the question is what you are trying to do. As I understood in the first topic you have no control to the script but you have control where the script is generated so you could altered links client side. You said “some problem to understand jquery modify links,” did you Google it? And what exactly you don’t understand? … My friend you don’t have to be programmer to use logic . Believe me or not logic is everywhere in our life hidden or not …

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