I dont know where to start with my question.

I have a website that displays products (products retrieved from a database).

I use Datalist to display these products and this Datalist is linked to a Command in the C# code.

Within this datalist I have <itemtemplate> </itemtemplate> tags

Between the <itemtemplate> </itemtemplate> tags I have a Google 'Add to Cart' button as follows:

<div class="product"><input value="test" class="product-title" type="hidden"><input value="22.00" class="product-price" type="hidden"><div title="Add to cart" role="button" tabindex="0" class="googlecart-add-button"></div></div>

But what I want to do is replace the 22.00 input value with a Session Variable in my C# code. The session variable 'Session["Session_price"] will need to contain the price of the related product. So when the user clicks on the GOOGLE button that appears repeatetely because of the <itemtemplate> then I want to exececute a Command that will contain the code to connect to my database, retrieve the price of the related product and pass the price to the Google Button.

I have already a Command Argument in place for when the user clicks on a 'More Info' link that I also placed between the <itemtemplate> tags. When the user clicks on the 'More info' link it calls up a Command that contains a code that retrieves the description of the chosen product by filtering the Product Code.

I hope I make sense.

To summarize I want to modify the Google button (that is repeated due to the itemtemplate) as such so it gets the value of the price of a related product that also appears along with the Google Button in the <itemtemplate>.

Thank you in advance. Your help will help me save thousands of times.

Hi again,

Ok I partly solved the problem but not completely.

I placed a <LinkButton> between my <itemtemplate> </itemtemplate> ..

This LinkButton calls a Command on the Server. This command will retrieve the product's relevant Name and Price and place these 2 values in a Session Variable.

I then pass these Session Variable values to the Google Checkout hidden <input> forms as follows:

<input id="Google_cart_product_name" value='<%Response.Write(Session["Selected_add_to_cart_name"]);%>' class="product-title" type="hidden">
<input id="Google_cart_product_price" value='<%Response.Write(Session["Selected_add_to_cart_price"]);%>' class="product-price" type="hidden">
<div title="Add to cart" role="button" tabindex="0" class="googlecart-add-button" type="hidden" id="Google_click">

Where Session(["Selected_add_to_cart_name"]) and Session["Selected_add_to_cart_price"])
contain the values for the name of the product and price respectively.

WHen I click on this Google button it works. It passes the correct information to my Google Cart:

<script  id='googlecart-script' type='text/javascript' src='https://xxx' integration='jscart-wizard' post-cart-to-sandbox='false' currency='GBP'></script>

However what I need now is that I Don't want to click that button manually but AUTO SUBMIT the GOOGLE button.

So within the C# server code I wish to call/submit the HTML Google Button.

Can you please let me know how to do this?

THank you