can any one tell me how to create a html help file in detail.
Actually i already tried for that even i have created but the problem is i don't no how to create tree in content file.
and when i passing the image url to my local machine and compile the project and run it working great.
but when i put this file on other machine i can't see any the images.
guide me how to do this.
if you have example please give me.

I believe for the images you need to make them available on the other machine as well, by saving them in the same path as on your local machine, else use a server to host the images and use that url instead to access them. Can you specify which tool you are using to make the chm file?

hey I'm using HTML workshop for Chm file. have you ever downloaded sql chm file without sql give full images with example it means they don't need any server to host the images. and without internet it shows the images in chm file.

Sorry if am not being too helpful, as I've never created any chm file so far, however, i've opened a chm file with images present in it, and from the image properties I've gathered, it still looks for the Images folder in my case to display them in the file (precompiled with the file it seems, as in the folder containing the chm file I did not find the Images folder).

This is the URL I obtained for the image from the chm file (right clicking on image->Properties):


However, when I decompiled the chm file using the html tool, it did decompile the Images folder separately, and sure enough there was the rp_001.png image in it.

And looking at the source code of the page calling the image, here is what I found:
<img src="../../Images/rp_001.png">

From my path on my PC, the html page which had the image was found under this specific path (after decompiling):
Decompiled\Docs\Additional Topics

while the Images folder was in the Decompiled folder

The Decompiled folder was created by me to extract the files/folders from chm file.

May be you should have another look at some in depth docs concerning HTML workshop if there are any available, and try create a temp image when the file is being opened on a remote pc. Also if you have not done it, try use relative paths instead of absolute paths in URLs.

thanks but it's not working what i have done in image src tag i have given my local path and after that compile the project in summary it shows it contains this much graphics and I'd just putted on the other machine run that chm file which is working great. but thanks to told me about decompiled.