Over the past few years I have taken multiple comprehension courses and bootcamps related to Microsoft server administration and .Net programming and I just found a new favorite.

I am currently taking the MCPD ASP.net bootcamp at CED Solutions (in Atlanta, GA - MCPD: ASP .NET Developer v3.5, MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5, MCTS: ASP Applications) and can easily say that so far this is one of my favorite bootcamps. It is especially nice since last week I finished up a poorly organized ASP .net comprehension class on mid-level topics. Reasons I am pumped about CED:
- Professor is knowledgable and high energy
- Great balance between comprehension and test preparedness
- The curriculum is well developed and the labs are effective
- The test prep materials are superb
- All of the staff has been great - overall a great experience - they make sure you get what you came for.

Does anyone else have any preferred training companies or has anyone else had experience with CED Solutions?

Wow - so reading my message and realized it sounds just like an ad. I've also had great experiences at Global Knowledge - just make sure you don't get a "partner delivered" course - in my experience those "partners" don't give you the Global Knowledge quality you are expecting.

In an effort to stear clear of low-quality trainings and stick with the good ones - which do you suggest? Do you have a favorite vendor?

I attended the MCPD Windows Bootcamp at CED Solutions Atlanta, recently...I am extremely satisfied with the way they organized things. Hotels,Meals,Shuttles and everything is provided and only thing i have to do was study... Instructor was very knowlegeable on the subject. In short a great experiance...

I would highly recomend this to anyone who want to get certified and spent months for training...


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