Hi everyone,

I'd uploaded virtual tour from ftp server. Three virtual tour which was uploaded couple of days ago are working fine but, now which I uploaded is not working. Url for your reference :-
This are working fine.

http://www.bluechiphome.com/dubai/?methodcall=searchbyref&ref=3922 (is not working)

For viewing virtual tour just click on virtual tour tab, under virtual tour tab
Click Here To View Virtual Tour. For id 3922 its just loading upto 10%, its not loading full.

Note:- This virtual is just a copy of existing virtual tour so, there is no problem with files. Also, I checked file permissions, it is just the same which is their for existing virtual tour. For your information, I used Jquery plugin fancy box's Iframe for displaying virtual tour.

Kindly, help me. Thanks in Advance..

Javed Sai

Yes, am on Opera 11.61 and IE9.

I checked on google chrome, firefox and IE8 rest all are working but, id 3922 is not working. Is it a problem of cache? or can u cross check in other browsers?

I do not have any other browsers on my machine here. Try clearing your cache.

Also works on Chrome 17, IE8, Safari 5 and FF10. So it's you.