Hi everyone,

I'm building a project with CakePHP and I would like to be able to have pages that are created dynamically. So, if a user goes to www.domain.com/page-name, the controller should take the /page-name part of the URL, search the database for it, and then display the results in a specific page.

However, I'm unable to get the /page-name part of the URL and pass it to the controller. So far, I have this in my routes.php file:

Router::connect('/:slug', array('controller' => 'contents',  'action' => 'dynamicpage'), array('slug' => '[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+'));

And I have this code in my controller file:

function dynamicpage($slug) {
       $page = $this->Content->find('first', array('conditions' => array('Content.slug' => $slug)));
 $this->set('page', $page); 
 $this->pageTitle = "";

Have I missed a step somewhere? Or isn't what I want to do possible?

Found out what I was missing.

In the controller, I removed ($slug) and instead, in the controller, I put the following code:

$slug = $this->params['slug'];

And it all works perfectly now!

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