Greetings ;)

Well i need some help here.

I got a site and people click on link on my site

the link is www

So when somebody click on it they will beredirect to my redirect.php file for a check at link.

$url = $_GET;



This is the script inside the redirect.php

But here is the problem, when the script redirect it only take some "words" or what i should call them.

When it redirect after the script - http://
As you can see it miss some words like pages,country and ip.

it seems that the script only grab the url to the first &, and the delete the rest :(

So i would really appericate if someone could help me solve this strange problem :)

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if(isset($_GET) && !empty($_GET)){
	$qs = $_GET;	
	$pu = parse_url($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]);
	$path = explode("=",$pu['path']);
	$callback = $path[1];
	echo $callback . " --- ";

<a href="/redirect.php/">redirect</a>

seems to work for me. easier ways to do this I'm sure - e.g. preg functions?

well it kinda work, but not that way i want it to be.. :/

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well it kinda work, but not that way i want it to be.. :/

Care to elaborate? My crystal ball's being polished at the moment...