Hi All,

I need help because I'm stock on a problem, I'm developing an attendance monitoring system, I created a database with two tables, one is the profiletable and the other one is the present table, everything works fine on the profile search and the present search, once I query the IDnumber on the profile search it returns the date equal to the IDnumber, and once I query on the present date search, it returns the data that are present on the date that I input. However, my problem is the absent query, I want to compare my two tables, the profiletable and the presentTable, once I query on a specific date, It will compare the IDpin on the profiletable and the presentTable, once the ID is on the presentTable but not in the profiletable on the said date, that entire row on the profiletable will be shown on the absent list, any idea, how to do that?I already tried left join but it seems not to be the solution because it's returning all values rather than tha missing values. I do hope to read reply from you soon.

Thank You Guys

If you can, please post explain for both tables: explain profiletable; explain presentTable; so we can check the structure and try, bye :)