can anyone help me what is the problem ..

here is the situation,

there is USER1 logged in name ex JAMES a student,

and on the other hand the admin updates the other student in his account,,

why is it the current logged in replaced the updated one... ?

this happens about every 15-20 mins.. after updating

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Is the admin and the user logging in from the same terminal or desktop? Does the admin updates info. by logging in as the user by way account over-ride?

If your case is neither of the things I mentioned above, then you may want to add another column on your database and call it IP so that when people logged in you can also record the IP as a secondary confirmation for the user to accessing the account.

The only thing this may not work if the admin is logging in as user with the admin over-ride. Of course, the first session will be gone and the latest session will be the one showing..

yes,they are on the same browser what i am using.i'm only updating the user, but when i update other users the updated user will be the latest even the previous one is the one who is logged id.. how, or what can i do this? thanks for response

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