I am currently testing a desktop application which is sending some data to a web URL in XML format, for some reason this data seems to be not sent in the correct format.

I need to know if there are any website or script that I can use to troubleshoot this issue, for example I can point and send my test data to a website or script that can the data coming from my application, so that I can trouble shoot it.

            <text>Thank you for booking with <Company>.Your confirmation no is <ConfNr>.For further information please call <Phone></text> 

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xmllint does a great job if you're using linux

Otherwise save the text as something.xml and open it with the browser.

In the example you have some tags that are never closed: Company ConfNr Phone

Checkout Fiddler and/or SoapUI.

Thanks for suggesting xmllint, yes I use Linux web server, but how can I capture the data to xmllint?

Yes, the tags is something I don't know how to solve, because these two tags are for extracting the data from the Desktop application

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