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Would like to thank you in advance for the help and support,

The problem I am facing is I have a redirection script which opens the page within an iframe rather than displaying the whole page.

header("Location: http://www.domain.com/registration.php?par=$parcel&err=$error_msg&succ=$success_msg");

I have a simple login form within an iframe when submitted it runs a processing script and if there is an error it redirects to the main login and register page. however it doesnt seem to work like that.

I believe its not working the way it should because the page doesn't change when submitted and the process are happening on the current page with the iframe still selected.

If that makes any sense, is there a way around it without making an intermediary page.


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Why does the form need to be in an iframe? The only way I can think of resolving this is to have an intermediary page with a break-frames javascript

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You would probably do better with an ajax login. I'd stay away from iframes unless they were absolutely necessary

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