A client has an ecommerce site, which is hosted on Magento but could be exported if easier. We are now trying to set up a couple more new branded sites which have independant designs but use the same product and client base. I have done some Googling and found that you can have multiple designs on Magento, but it only shares clients and not products. Anyone into ecommerce and have any ideas how we could go about this (prefreably without keep sending CSVs between the websites)? Not nesseserally on Magento, it could be any site so long as I can copy the data over.

First, take a look at the database table for the client, look for the column names. On the other site (NOT Magento, because I have not installed this script NOR I tested one), this could be any script right? Let the second script connect to magento database and extract the client table. If the second script is located in the remote server, the server where the magento resides must give permission to access. This can be done in the cpanel.. make it domain authorized and not the IP address. However, if the remote site has its own IP address dedicated ONLY for this site, then IP can be use instead of the domain name.

The second script database query must be bridged to the magento database... meaning you only query based on the magento's database client table columns. So, if the client table columns are id - name - last - username - password . The second script must use these information for query. The product on the second script can be different or have its own database. You can also bridged the registration processes on the second site, by submitting the newly registered user to the maegento's database. WARNING! if doing the bridged by either log-in and registration... I mean user password validation, you need to check on magento's pasword hash or encryption for the password.. If it is an MD5 hash then the second site must use this hash for adding new client and for validating the client's password. This must be done on the second site as bridged script.

If the second script has a database connection class, then this class could be either modified or extended ... something like class SecondClass extends FirsTClass..

This is no different than bridging the users of phpBB and SMF .

I missed the product part. You must do the on the product. The main key here are the database tables and columns. Sorry about that.... :)