doing this stuff in js and the css doesn't affect the tags in the js writeln

js: document.writeln("<table><tr><td>Nom</td><td>Pr&eacute;nom</td><td>Code Permanent</td><td>Login</td></tr></table>");

css: table, td, tr{border:2px, double;}

i know this is simple, what am i missing ?

oh yeah, it's an external js file, if that changes anything.



i made some changes and here worked perfectly...

        table, tr{border: 1px dashed black; background-color:#CCC;}  /* TABLE'S AND ROWS'S CSS... */
        td{background-color: black; color: white;}  /* CELLS'S CSS */

    <script type="text/javascript">  
        document.write("<table><tr><td>Nom</td><td>Pr&eacute;nom</td><td>Code Permanent</td><td>Login</td></tr></table>")


i don't know why i used boder only!
i used border-weitgh for the tickness and boder-style for the double and now it works.

beats me, it's near 2am, maybe that's the problem

thx for the reply buddy