I have a windows 2000 server that was working just fine, until all of a sudden it won't let me update or add records to any microsoft data base mdb that I have on the server. It comes back with Permission denied, so I tried to write a simple text file using asp and could not write that either. It Reads both the mdb and the text file just fine, and I can manually edit the text file or mdb and that works fine also. No matter how I try to write to the server, negative results. I went thru all the steps that are listed to give permissions and I gave everybody and every thing full permission. Still negative results. Does anyone have any idea what I might check to correct what appears to be a permission problem.
The confusing part is that it was working fine for months, I have not recently added any security changes or updates.
Here is the actual error message I am getting, they are different, but I am sure it is due to the inability to write to the server.
When trying to write a simple text file I get 800a0046 Microsoft VB script runtime error. Permission denied. (I have no VB script in this asp file.)
When trying to update or add to the .mdb I get 80004005 Microsoft Jet Database Engine error. Operation must use an updateable query.

I will be forever grateful if anyone has any ideas at all that might shed some light on this dark tunnel.

Thanks in advance
Tom Chambers

May be this is a problem of your explorer so plase upgrade your explorer or change it and try to run the program also check that IIS is work properly or not

Right click the DB, hit properties. Under properties, hit tab security. In the security window, click add IUSR and click apply. Boom your done.