Hello. So I'm a junior web developer at an marketing company (and when I say junior I mean I'm not techincally entirely qualified for the position and overly a large learning exprience :P So bear with me here). Anyway, I was asked to look into a way to rewrite our dynamic url's to something more SEO and user friendly.

So I was given an CMS they had already developed to play around with. I created a function that gets called when a new page is created or an old one edited by the admin that writes a new rule (or replaces an old one) for the page. Which worked as expected.

However; my supervisor comes back to me and says can we do it without writing directely to the htaccess file from the CMS - they had a site hacked before via the htaccess file. And so now I'm at a loss. I mean I literally have no idea how you would do this outside the CMS. And I tell her this. To which she responses that there is a way to do it, I have all the information I need and I should be able to find it out on my own (but less bitchy then that sentence might imply).

So I'm stuck, because I have no idea what she means and no idea what to even being to research. Thoughts?

If this CMS is developed over a framework there are some chances to use some sort of routing library embeded, otherwise search for routing solutions like http://fatfree.sourceforge.net/

note apart: if they've been hacked it's probably because of a misconfigured .htaccess file or for wrong permission on the parent folder, the rewriting rule it self is not harmful, so there should be no reason to not use it, my opinion.


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