I'm having a bit of trouble on a web framework, I know that you can use a web application framework to build websites, but what language can you use to build a web framework?? c#, java, php do you use the Zendphp framework or cake or something smilar to building you own type of wordpress any help will be greatful thanks.!!!

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To build a powerful framework you will have to learn the mvc pattern that has 3 major pieces:Model View Controller.
If you want to build a framework for webdevelopment your best bet will be php oop and some ajax if you want to add dragable functionality.
For a real good experience you can add some jquery stuff that can make things look cool.
Use a free framework for reference ,my personal favourite is codeigniter but there are others like smarty zendframework cakephp.
Hope this helps

like dany said, ypu must have strong OOP concepts and some other concepts like MVC and ORM to build your own framework. Its better to build a framework for PHP in PHP, but like fusebox, its the coldfusion framework and also used for PHP.
I personaly like Kohana (fork of CI). that also gives ORM approach. but it depends on your project requirements, which framework you would use :)
You can also use some framework to build your own CMS. for example we have magento that is build in Zend framework

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