hi im trying to accomplish something is there a php script that already do this that i can buy or downloap for free.

were user can login and get a personal calader they enter detail in the calander for each day and in the back admin the administrator can view a user clander and everything the have entered for a complete month?

if this doesnt exist how would i start to build one my self using an available free php clander script.

Ahh, I remember installing something simular to this, using Ajax and then I built my own form where users can then add their own dates etc..


It's quite good :)

hi thanks for you replied i checked it out it can be usefull.all i need to know is how i go about to each day they pick on the calander they get a popup form for them to fill out.im using this for a snack shop a user with an account have to choose their meal for a hole month, everyday a different thing. In the adminpanel the admin can check the order for a specific user for the whole month.hope you understand what im trying to achive here.


I think I do, but can you make the following clear:

  • How are the user's identified? Do they sign in some how
  • Does the Adam see multiple calendars, or, just one calendar that has all of the people?
  • How are you handling the meals? For example, are they stored? If so, can the meals be in a drop-down?

  • ok each user will have to login to see thier calendar with username and password.
  • the admin can see the calendar of all user that has an account.
  • the admin will add the meal in the backend and store in a db. when the user click on a day on their calendar they will get a popup form with all the meals with check box next to them and they save after choosing thier meal and that is store in a database.


What you need to do is download and install the Ajax version of this calendar. Thus, will provide you to access the multi-user aspect you require. Then, you need to create a form that inputs the data into a database. Then, finally, creating an Admin page that will allow people to see calendars.

Hope this helps,

Let me know if you need any more help :)

ok thanks i will take a look at it if i run into anytrouble ill let you know thanks for your help

Hi again ive checked some option about the calender and came accross this which will fit my need http://arshaw.com/js/fullcalendar-1.5.3/demos/external-dragging.htmlquite well

I guess on the side, for the item to dragg on the calender i can make it take from a database.

but my biggest calange is

  • how would i store the item that i drag in each date on the calander ina database.
  • how do i build a database for a calander and yet for multiuser.i mean how to structure or design that database i can't create colum for each day on the calander that would be insane

hope you can help out thanks)

user table
user_id, name etc

calendar entry table

entry_id is a unique identifier for EVERY entry ever created on the calendar, dragging an entry uses it to identify that entry has moved and updates it accordingly.

Then per user do a mysql select using their unique user_id

$Q = "SELECT * FROM entries WHERE user_id = $user_id";