Hi There,
I am a bit of a PHP newb :P
I have developed a multi-page form which works fine at the moment - each stage is on another page (I use the session to retain the data).
However I know that users don't always use these forms the way you want!

I want to control the flow of the form.

  • I would like the user to be able to use the browser back & forward button for ease of use.
  • They should not be able to skip a part of the form by entering a form stage URL directly into the address bar to get the a later stage in the form (essentially skipping a part of the form).
  • The form also does not flow the same path every time, it is dependant on the users choices what stage is displayed next.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of ways to control the flow of this multi-page form :) thank you!

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Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

I've been struggling with this very issue for a long time. Dreamweaver's behaviors are horrid and never behave themselves. I knew that JQuery would solve this problem, but I struggled to piecemeal the solution together myself. Thank you for doing all the work for me!


You realize all you have to do to get around that is to disable javascript right?

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